The Principal’s Office

The Ivywild School was an elementary until 2009. Now it’s home to several local businesses. Photo: Facebook/@IvywildSchool

We love The Principal’s Office! The coffee is amazing, but what really makes The Principal’s Office unique is the setting.

The Principal’s Office has it all: great food, drinks, coffee and an amazing atmosphere. Photo: Photo: Facebook/@POatIvywild

It’s on the southwest side of the Springs in a building called the Ivywild School. In 1916, it was built as an elementary school and served the community as such until 2009.  By 2012 it had begun its transformation into the social hub and community marketplace that it is today. In addition to The Principal’s Office, the Ivywild School is home to Colorado Springs native Bristol Brewery–try their Beehive beer, it’s my favorite. There are several other restaurants, local shops and the gym stays open for events like group yoga, improv acts, movie nights and more.

The Principal’s Office has a great selection of coffee, from a straight black cup o’ Joe to their artisan drinks, it’s really all good. I had a rose water vanilla late that I now find myself craving.

They serve food and also specialty cocktails. My husband and I love their homemade Moscow Mule. They make their own ginger beer, and they throw in a jalapeno for extra kick. We’ve tried to replicate it at home, and we just can’t. Give it a try for yourselves!

Kid friendly: During the day – yes. There is seating at the bar, as well as indoor tables and a nice outdoor sitting area. It does get more of a cocktail bar feel at night.

Drive-through: No. Do yourself a favor, and go inside!

The Principal’s Office gets a full 10/10 from us.

1604 S Cascade Ave, Colorado Springs, CO