Third Space Coffee

Third Space Coffee is a community-minded hang out. Photo: IG/@third_space_coffee

We had heard a lot of great things about Third Space Coffee, so we knew we had to give it a try.

The inspiration for their name came from a community-minded apporach to owning and operating a business. They wanted their venue to be the “third space” in your life; first is your home, then work, and third is your community space.

And they definitely delivered there. The shop has lots of space and seating, so a lot of people can gather together at once. They host live music, group events, and worship groups weekly.

There’s a separate area for parents to take their kids, so little legs can stretch while moms and dads sit together.

Large events are part of what makes Third Space a community hub. Photo: Facebook/@ThirdSpaceCoffeeCOS

We’ve been there twice, and both times there were a lot of people, so the atmosphere was very fun, but we were less impressed with the coffee. I ordered a vanilla latte and it was sour for my taste. I usually like them smooth, with just a hint of vanilla. I’m not afraid of the coffee–rather than the sugar–being the hero of the drink, but this was not for me. My husband’s cappuccino was small and bitter, more like an espresso shot. The second time we went, his was much better, but I thought mine was much the same.

The other thing I’ll mention about Third Space is the location. While the store itself is easy to find and has plenty of parking, it’s off of Academy Blvd. It’s a busy thoroughfare, so you’re traveling fast and it’s easy to miss your turn. A lot of places are only accessible from one side of the street because of the median.

While the coffee wasn’t our favorite, it had a lot of other good qualities including a great staff. It’s especially nice if you have your kids with you.

Kid friendly: Yes – separate play area for kids = happy moms and dads!

Drive through: No.

We give Third Space Coffee a 5/10.

5670 Academy Blvd N, Colorado Springs, CO 80918 |